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RLM '13 Youth Center is a ministry dedicated to "Restoring Lives Back to the Kingdom of God" by equipping young people, ages 2-17 years old, to be true disciples of Christ through teaching them Godly character and how to model Christ. Our Youth learn the importance of living out good morals through participation in biblical sound lessons, community services, and outreach activities. We also provide fun activities and events for our youth in an effort to encourage positive behavior and avoid negative influences or pitfalls.  Here at RLM '13, we believe in "Restoring Communities by Building a Healthier and More Positive Youth," which promotes a peaceful, and positive living environment for both the family and communities abroad.


*During church/ worship services, RLM '13 provides age related lessons, snacks, and activities for Toddlers, Children and Teens.


Come out, Bring your family, and Join us in "Building a Strong Christ-Modeled Youth!"


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